Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trending Now

I admit, sometimes when I see the new trends that come out of Fashion Week, I wonder to myself, "What were they thinking? Who would actually want to wear that?" I am happy to report that I am actually in love with some of this fall's trends!!! I can only assume that my fondness for vintage looks can take the credit, as many of the fads are reminiscent of decades past. 
My first fav is polka dots!!! They were all over the runways and have made it to the streets, and they. look. great!

Rust-colored garments also made a big impression, and I am digging the natural, autumn inspired looks.

Pairing a great maxi dress with an uber comfy sweater is a fantastic way to bring some of your summer favs into the fall. Add a belt and your frame is instantly elongated!

LACE! Beautiful, classic, feminine lace. Add it to the black and white combo and I am head over 3" heels in love!!!

Bright pants. Anyone who knew me in high school will not be surprised I am into this. They may recall a pair of magenta pink Esprits I scored while in Munchen, Germany.

Be bold, try something new- embrace one or all of these trends and heat stuff up as it starts to cool down out there  : )

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