Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Because I have 2 sons...

I was feeling creative this morning, and decided to construct a baby girl's dress out of some leftover fabric I had laying around. I recently refinished my sewing desk, chair and lamp, and had some beautiful black and white fabric leftover... 
Here are some shots of the sewing desk:

Please excuse the ugly blue carpeting- a project my husband will be tackling this winter (maybe I should tell him?)
Here is the chair:
And, finally, the lamp:
Before- very juvenile, I know!

After- it's hard to see how many beautiful details there are in these two ribbons

SO, anyway, I had these materials leftover and decided to make them into a dress (funny, considering I have two little boys). Here is the dress, it is now listed in my Etsy shop for sale, because I'm pretty sure my husband won't like it if I let our youngest wear it, instead :)
The resulting dress:

If any of you feel so inclined and know a little girl in need of a sweet dress or top, feel free to click here and buy it!

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