Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashionable Rainwear

With the recent weather we've been having, and all of its consequences, let's take a moment to look at one of the positive aspects of all this wet weather- fabulous rainwear! Ladies have been finding fashionable ways to stay dry for decades, and I think most of us would love to borrow some of their looks, even today.
Fab 1950's Leopard Swing Raincoat

I love the bell cuffs on this red patent leather one

Super cute, structured coat

Coral is such a cheery color for a rainy day

POLKA DOTS- which I always love + sunshine yellow!

Great vintage Rheingold raincoat ad

Do yourself a favor and go look around your local vintage or goodwill shop to try to find one of these gorgeous glimpses into the past. I was lucky enough to find one a few years ago (mentioned in a previous post as the one I finally mended), and I fully intend to search for another one as soon as I get a chance...
Today would be the perfect rainy day for a new raincoat, but I think I'll stay snuggled inside with my little ones, instead :)

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