Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coming to you from on location...

Here's what I'm looking at right now:

View from the back patio

    Any of you who have been to my house know it is far from perfect. It's tiny and it's on a busy road. Our growing family desperately needs more room, and our eyes are always on the market for something bigger! The one thing I will miss when we move (besides all the wonderful memories we have from living here), will be this view. You can see for miles down the valley, with only one far away house in sight. We love to watch the small airplanes fly overhead to the municipal airport, whose light can be seen circling in the distance, at night. There is plenty of privacy for our little ones and their dogs to play and make as much noise as they want, and for Mommy and Daddy to have late-night bonfires. It seems like every 5 minutes my two-year old is asking me if we can go outside, and we usually do.
    One of my favorite aspects about having this incredible view to enjoy is watching it transform from season to season. Though the leaves are just beginning to change, within a few weeks this same picture from above will look like this:
Red, orange and yellow as far as the eye can see
And a few short weeks after that, it will look like this:
We get to watch the deer in the garden all winter
    Since I became a mother, the years are truly flying by. Everyone always warns you that this will happen, but it's  hard to believe until you experience it first hand. It seems like every time I look out the kitchen window (at this view), it has changed to the next season. Soon, winter will cover us with it's frosty blanket and we will be able to watch the storms roll down the valley, just as we do in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Each season brings its own view, its own gifts. It's so beautiful to see the land slowly peel back the brown layer left behind from months of snow and cold, to reveal the bright greens of Spring that promise new life and new beginnings.

As I get ready to finish our Fall cleaning and to button up the house for the cold months to come, I know in the blink of an eye we will be excited to see the buds on the trees and my two-year old will be asking me if we can go outside. 

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