Monday, October 17, 2011

Now Taking Orders!

   I'm a big fan of supporting local businesses, crafters and artists. Their products are made with talent and love. The same certainly can't be said of some machine in a factory somewhere, programmed to make whatever mass-produced crap it was intended to. My sister is also a supporter of this cause, and gave me a good idea. 
   In thinking about the holiday shopping season soon to be upon us, she said she might have to commission me to make some gifts for some lucky recipients on her list. And I got to thinking, why not see if anyone else is interested as well? On my blog are several examples of the things I have made in the past. There are also quite a few items I haven't posted about, but I will work on getting some of those photos up as well. One of my favorite things to make, and give as gifts, are the hobo totes. Every time I do, I have someone else ask me if I would make one for them, as well. 
   Long story somewhat shortened, I am now taking orders. Give a heartfelt, quality, handmade gift to someone you love- Or to yourself :)  Check out the "Past Projects" page, as well as any of the other posts to see what I can do. If you have something else in mind that I haven't posted about, just ask. 
  Here are some ideas and prices:
  • Hobo tote (large) - $35/ $30 (medium)/ $25 (small)
  • Baby girl dress/toddler tunic - $20
  • Baby girl skirt - $15/ Toddler skirt - $20
  • Burp-clothes - $15/two large-sized
  • Table cloth - $20 (small)/ $25 (medium)/ $30 (large)
  • Table runner - $15 (small)/ $20 (large)
  • Place mats - $30/set of 4
  • Cloth napkins - $20/set of 4
  • Grocery bag holder - $15
  • Throw pillow - $15
  • Pinwheel pillow - $20
  • Curtains or drapes  - depends on the size of the window 
*When you contact me about placing an order, we will discuss what colors/styles/patterns you are interested in. I can then send you photos of fabric options.
*I also refinish and repurpose furniture and other items (lamps, etc). If you have an item that needs some new life breathed into it and aren't sure where to start, I'd be happy to help.
***With any of the above listed sewn products, prices may be negotiable if you supply fabric you would like me to use***

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